Minority Investments


With our strategic investments, we carry minority ownership, but remain involved and ready to increase stake as the business evolves and grows. Find out more about these strategic partnerships.

Minority Investments


Oak Bank

Oak Bank is the best place in the community to satisfy your financial needs and wants. Your community bank for Madison, Fitchburg, Verona, and all of Dane County Wisconsin.




WatrHub delivers a new data driven approach that is a leap forward for water industry firms to pinpoint opportunities at prospective water utilities and municipalities; saving months in sales cycles and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and marketing costs.



jobZology predicts how job candidates and employees will fit to jobs and fit to company culture. The Company has a scientific and very different way – above and beyond the existing methods – that will actually MATCH people and provide a predictive score of how they will fit in a company. That score relates to things like satisfaction, commitment, loyalty and engagement and even performance expectations. The software helps individuals explore career pathways and find jobs that will be truly satisfying.