Gary Comer Inc., Safety Net Connect Acquire vCareConnect, Signaling Next Generation in Healthcare Management

Acquisition Connects Patient, Provider Data via Integrated, User-Friendly Technology

Waukesha, Wisconsin (September 26, 2016)

Today Gary Comer Inc. (GCI) and owners of Safety Net Connect (SNC) announced they have acquired vCareConnect, establishing a next generation technology platform that will improve health care delivery by connecting the entire health care continuum—patient, care manager, and provider—in an intuitive, user-friendly format.

The partnership between GCI and SNC advances proven health information technology that improves care coordination between providers and creates a next generation technology with patients at the center of their own care. This fully-integrated solution will connect patients with their caregivers, empowering them to take an active role in their health care journey.

“I believe investing in cutting-edge technologies holds the key to transforming health care delivery. The acquisition of vCareConnect will facilitate both improved quality and efficiency of care for all patients,” said Stephanie Comer, Principal of GCI.

The addition of the vCare platform helps care managers take the next step in care management by fully engaging a patient in their own care in a method of their choice. Through the next generation platform, managers engage in dynamic communication with patients via an easily understandable patient-preferred channel, such as email, through a smartphone app, text, video chat, or a telephone call. Connecting patients to their care through modern platforms that reflect users’ everyday habits engages them more fully in a more approachable, comprehensive and effective manner.

“We are excited to be partnering with GCI and Safety Net Connect to revolutionize care management technology, expand the markets to which we bring our innovative technology, and improve health care for all populations,” said Suresh Kumar, founder of vCareConnect.

“Care coordination is often thought of as something that happens between care providers and healthcare systems – but patients play a pivotal role. The vCareConnect acquisition strengthens our mission of increasing access, quality, and health equity through the innovative use of technology,” said Chris Cruttenden, President of Safety Net Connect.

“We look forward to announcing the next steps in the coming months as we integrate our technology and vision to launch truly innovative and groundbreaking care management technology,” finished Comer.

About Safety Net Connect
Since 2009, Safety Net Connect (SNC) has been a leading creator of healthcare technology that makes it easier for providers and institutions to increase access to care, streamline care coordination, promote evidence-based practices, and improve quality. With a mission to improve health equity, SNC has helped public and private healthcare organizations across the nation successfully reach over 5 million low-income, underserved individuals with affordable, effective patient-centered care. For more information, please visit

About vCareConnect
vCareConnect is a technology solution created to improve patient engagement by providing care management tools to all stakeholders. The company’s technology platform provides transparency to the patient, provider, caregiver and care manager, enabling collaboration to achieve better, more efficient health outcomes.