Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

GCI strives to create partnerships with those that it invests in through substantial equity positions and patient capital for these companies to grow. Our goal is to provide these companies with the counseling and professional services they need (but could not otherwise obtain on their own) so their growth and profit potential are more clearly attainable.

We are guided by solid principles that motivate us to serve and inspire our portfolio companies, their employees, and their communities to thrive. We attribute each success to the quality firms we have partnered with.

As a committed, long-term partner to our portfolio companies, we follow a fundamental belief that near-term distractions and needless pressures can erode a company’s focus and compromise its potential success. Our energy and expertise are dedicated to avoiding these distractions, instead favoring a much more positive journey which typically exceeds expectations.

Providing more than just capital, our financial acumen, wideranging experience, and informed advice contributes to the strategic and operational maturity and development of our portfolio companies.

Our leadership teams run, drive and grow their own businesses. GCI promises to support these teams with strategically-informed guidance to help management realize the unique goals and visions of each business.

A solid business foundation is a key element to success. We provide a vital central office support system that includes a network of business resources and top-notch expertise that fill the gaps for growing businesses.

Our Mission

GCI’s mission is to carry on the Gary Comer philosophy.

Gary Comer, the founder of Lands’ End, built a company on the foundation of great customer service, high quality products at an affordable price, and guaranteed period. He created a work environment that valued the contribution of all employees who were fairly rewarded for their dedication and service to the company. It is these foundational values that we are looking to recreate with the companies in which we invest.

Our Vision

GCI is a long term investor with our focus on building successful companies that are a great place to work. Our goal is not to invest with the intention of selling but rather of building. We have a long time horizon and want companies that will be with us ten years from now and beyond. Our owners, Guy and Stephanie, hope to build a collection of companies that create the same success as the company their Dad built, Lands’ End. Our purpose, once we are a partner, will be to do everything in our power to make each company a success.