The Wispr Digital Otoscope is transforming the standard of care for ear infections.

Company Overview

Wispr Solves The Shortcomings Of Other Devices

The Wispr digital otoscope combines the best of traditional otoscopes and high-end ENT equipment into one easy-to-use tool for your clinic. The WiscMed team is comprised of clinicians, engineers, regulatory specialists and business executives that care about one thing – supplying you with a device that you can reliably count on to give the best possible view of the eardrum. We hope when you use the Wispr Digital Otoscope you smile at how straight-forward an ear exam can be.

A GCI Company Since: 2020
Industry: Health Care
Expertise: Health Technology
Leadership: James G. Berbee, MS, MBA, MD
Year Founded: 2015

"It helps reduce the need for a second exam. I can get a video of the ear anatomy and show that to my supervising doctor. When I’m working with a medical student, I can watch their exam as they are doing it."-Dr. Tustian, UW Department of Emergency Medicine