HistoSonics, Inc. is a venture-backed medical device start-up company developing a non-invasive sonic beam therapy platform and procedure using the science of histotripsy. HistoSonics has developed a new procedure to treat cancer. It combines robotics with sonic energy to precisely liquefy and destroy tissue at a sub-cellular level, making it targeted and non-invasive for patients.

Company Overview

Histotripsy at work

Histotripsy uses pulsed sound waves to induce “bubble clouds” from gases naturally present in targeted tissue. These bubble clouds form and collapse in microseconds, creating mechanical forces strong enough to destroy tissue at cellular and sub-cellular levels in a non-invasive and non-thermal method.

The Platform: Meet Edison

Edison is a sophisticated platform that delivers pulsed sound energy into the body, without any incisions or needles, and has the ability to destroy tissue at the sub-cellular level, all while the treating physician continuously monitors the “bubble cloud” and treatment effect in real-time.

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Industry: Medical Science
Expertise: Histotripsy
Leadership: Mike Blue, President & CEO
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