GCI’s commitment enables Eichrom Laboratories to take a leadership position in the nuclear testing industry. We have built trust with both civil society and industrial players. GCI’s perfectly aligned with EichromLaboratories in ensuring that the nuclear industry can develop safely and sustainably. "
- Patrice Letessier
GCI has been a strong mentor from the start. We are proud to be part of the incredible legacy of Gary Comer and his entrepreneurial vision. Moreover, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to learn from Bill Schleicher; his strategic guidance has placed LGI in a position to achieve long term success."
- Matt O’Malley and Chad Cotti, Co-Founders
I was attracted to one of GCI's core principles: to invest in companies whose model allows them to treat and pay employees fairly. I realized that our value systems were aligned. Working with an investor who understands that happy, satisfied employees provide great service to clients has proved to be a wonderful experience."
- Grace Kostroski, President Allium IT
When Gary Comer helped me set up PGRF after I retired from Argonne, it gave me the opportunity to do some of the best work of my career. The success of PGRF is a result, to a large degree, of GCI giving me the freedom to pursue a wide variety of research without the burden of proposal writing and seeking funding."
- Philip Horwitz, President PGRF
GCI is a great partner for River’s End Trading company. We share the same passion and commitment for customers, employees, and partners."
- John Maher
GCI has been extraordinarily supportive, providing us with financial and operating resources, strategic counsel and – perhaps most importantly - the sense that we are 'part of the family.' They have been a major driver of our success."
- Laurence Levi, CEO VO2 Partners
Our relationship with GCI is truly a partnership where they have taken a long term approach to building success. GCI provided capital where banks wouldn't, but equally important to us has been Bill's business acumen and strategic direction."
- Harvey Shovers, CEO MSI Data
The GCI organization has been the catalyst for the growth of Sedia Systems by providing constant support and mentorship."
- Wilson Troup, CEO Sedia Systems
High Voltage has enjoyed many years of success and growth, but only with the help of the Comer family and Bill Schleicher have we been able to fulfill the dream of creating our own Intellectual Property. Financing is only half the battle - the knowledge, advice and resources that GCI brings to the table have benefited our company and executive team as we continue to work and grow together."
- Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO High Voltage Software
GCI's and Bill's support has been a key element to our business growth. Bill continues to be a great mentor and advisor on a business, financial and professional level."
- Kurt Heikkinen, CEO Montage Talent
GCI and Bill Schleicher have been with us all along the way - from our initial development stage to today where our software solutions are among the most widely used in the trucking industry."
- Bob Helms, CEO Pegasus TransTech
GCI's approach is unique and not your typical wall street approach, they challenge us to take a long term view. They have a sense of business ethics that extends into the way we treat and grow employees."
- Michael Fern, CEO Eichrom

GCI Portfolio Companies

  • Analytical testing service for the nuclear industry including radioactivity, asbestos, and chemical compounds
  • Looking Glass Investments is an innovative alternative for building wealth. LGI offers investors an alternative to traditional - and often volatile - equity markets.
  • At Allium, we know that experience is often the difference between merely supplying talent and insight with practical productive results.

    Our services and solutions with Applications, Data, Privacy & Security, and Salesforce.com offer you the right combination to move your business and organization forward.
  • PGRF funds fundamental and application-directed research for chemical sciences.
  • For over 30 years, River’s End Trading Company has partnered with suppliers, distributors, and brands by offering a full range of apparel and innovative decoration options to the promotional products, golf, and uniform markets.
  • VO2 Partners is a private equity firm which invests in leading private companies in the healthy living sector, including specialty sports equipment; nutritional supplements; performance apparel; and healthy foods.
  • MSI Data is a leader in providing mobile and enterprise software solutions for workforce automation.
  • Sedia Systems is a leading manufacturer of lecture hall, auditorium and classroom furniture offering the widest range of fixed seating in the industry for education and training environments.
  • High Voltage Software can take any video game from an initial concept to a fun final product.
  • Montage is a pioneer in the utilization of video technology to optimize the hiring process by connecting great talent with great companies.
  • Pegasus TransTech Corporation helps transportation companies go paperless, improve operating efficiency and drive consistent, repeatable results by strategically creating images, electronic forms and Enterprise Workflow Solutions.
  • Eichrom collaborates with the nuclear industry to protect people and the environment.

Our current portfolio is a collection of eclectic and innovative companies. With some portfolio companies, we provide a significant equity stake, have a substantial ownership position (along with our partners) and are an active part of their management teams.

We also have additional strategic investments in which we only carry a minor ownership percentage, but remain involved and ready to increase stake as the business evolves and grows.