Allium offers strategies, talent, and experience that will help our clients conquer their business needs. Allium delivers unparalleled experience, breadth of knowledge across industries, and commitment to your success. Allium's emphasis on flexibility means we quickly jump to where clients need us most. We tackle their priorities for quick impact and we run at the pace that works best for the organization. Yes, we have leading practices and approaches, but its not a cookie cutter stringent way because clients need flexibility.

Company Overview

We know that experience is the difference between pontificating and actually supplying talent, actionable insight, practical execution, and producing results. Experience matters to us as much as it matters to you. It is the foundation for the unparalleled professional services we offer and reflected in our breadth of industry knowledge and the emphasis we place on our relationship with our clients.

Our proactive, collaborative, and candid approach to support, technology staffing, strategy and project management, and privacy and security services, is a direct result of our experience. It’s the reason our clients continue to engage us for new projects and services.

Our clients deserve and require more than cookie cutter answers. Allium follows a consultative approach to unearth insights and develop a strategy for your specific needs. We propose options and present alternatives to deliver results every time.

A GCI Company Since: 2011
Industry: IT
Expertise: Staffing Solutions
Leadership: Grace Kostroski, CEO
Year Founded: 2011

"I was attracted to one of GCI's core principles: to invest in companies whose model allows them to treat and pay employees fairly. I realized that our value systems were aligned. Working with an investor who understands that happy, satisfied employees provide great service to clients has proved to be a wonderful experience."-Grace Kostroski, President Allium IT