Eichrom Laboratories

Eichrom Laboratories

Eichrom Laboratories specialize in the measurement of radioactivity, chemical compounds and asbestos in radioactive or potentially-radioactive samples, and are one of the leading laboratories in Europe in their field. Located near Rennes in north-west France.

Company Overview

Eichrom Laboratories are recognized for the quality (ISO 17025) of their radioactivity measurements, chemical and asbestos analyzes on all types of samples. We apply the internationally recognized Eichrom analysis protocols, either in our laboratories in France, and also directly on your sites with our Eichrom Smart® mobile laboratories and our highly qualified radiochemists. Clients benefit from reliable results, quickly delivered, and meeting your technical and regulatory requirements

A GCI Company Since: 1997
Industry: Nuclear
Expertise: Analytical testing service for the nuclear industry including radioactivity, asbestos, and chemical compounds
Leadership: Patrice Letessier, CEO
Year Founded: 1997

"GCI’s commitment enables Eichrom Laboratories to take a leadership position in the nuclear testing industry. We have built trust with both civil society and industrial players. GCI’s perfectly aligned with Eichrom Laboratories in ensuring that the nuclear industry can develop safely and sustainably. "-Patrice Letessier