jobZology is an online tool with patented predictive analytics to laser focus students to education and career pathways. jobZology provides Career Guidance, Education Pathway Optimization, Predictive Analytics, Assessments, Education Fit, Pathways to Joy, Passion and Fit, Employee Fit, Job Search, Counselor Tools, and Career Readiness.

Company Overview

Our Products Are Built Using Predictive Science

At jobZology, we uniquely guide individuals to career, education, and employment where they will find their fit. Our mission is to empower organizations to create a productive and engaged workforce where everyone loves to go to work each day. Our core values are the rules and boundaries that define jobZology’s culture and personality and provide a final “Should/ Shouldn’t” test for all the behaviors and decisions by everyone in the company. This is the soul of our company.

jobZology® was founded by two psychologists from Colorado State University looking to help people find meaningful careers. After meeting two business entrepreneurs, jobZology® was set on a path towards using science to connect companies with the right employees who would find meaning and purpose in the work that they do.

A GCI Company Since:
Industry: Business
Expertise: Psychology
Leadership: Travis Hevelone, CEO
Year Founded: