High Voltage Software

High Voltage Software

High Voltage Software can take any video game from an initial concept to a fun final product.

Company Overview

Based in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, High Voltage Software has been the leading independent game development studio in the Midwest for over 18 years.

Our tenure in the games industry has rewarded us with an impeccable pedigree of over 75 shipped titles. We employ more than 150 of the game industry’s most talented individuals in our wholly owned 28,000 square foot development studio. Our facilities include motion-capture animation, full audio production, game design, tools and technology, world-class visuals, and quality assurance.

Our team at High Voltage has repeatedly created fun games in any genre and on any platform. In partnership with GCI, the company has created two innovative products. Conduit, the first of its kind on the Wii platform, is a leading first person shooter game. Flame-Sim is an animated simulation training tool for fire fighters which allows more efficient training and reduces the likelihood of injury when working active fires.

A GCI Company Since: 2007
Industry: Video Games/Entertainment Software
Expertise: Cutting-edge video game development
Leadership: Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO
Year Founded: 2007

"High Voltage has enjoyed many years of success and growth, but only with the help of the Comer family and Bill Schleicher have we been able to fulfill the dream of creating our own Intellectual Property. Financing is only half the battle - the knowledge, advice and resources that GCI brings to the table have benefited our company and executive team as we continue to work and grow together."-Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO High Voltage Software