Consilink provides data management services to support healthcare innovators.

Consilink was founded to enable technology innovation to solve the most pressing problems in U.S. healthcare by providing secure, high-quality data. The Company provides cloud-based data services and analytics to support technology-enabled healthcare innovation.


Our team comprises experts in IT infrastructure, secure data management, and healthcare business intelligence. We understand the challenges and nuances of working with data in healthcare

Consilink manages over 23TB of data on behalf of clients in a secure, private cloud-computing environment and provide real-time warehousing and analytics to clients and end users.

Clients turn to Consilink to build a roadmap to HIPAA compliance that simplifies and secures their complex data.   Clients receive a suite of services including: security compliance assessments, policy/procedure generation, monitoring, and implementation services, data management, transformation, and analytics services, and HIPAA-compliant managed services.

Consilink’s mission is to help clients succeed in using data to transform healthcare.