PGRF funds fundamental and application-directed research for chemical sciences.

Company Overview

The PG Research Foundation headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, sponsors work that advances knowledge to benefit humankind. By reinvesting income from technologies jointly developed by PGRF and its partner research institutions, the foundation funds both fundamental and application-directed research that is at the forefront of the chemical sciences.

A GCI Company Since: 1998
Industry: Chemical Research and Development
Expertise: Application-directed chemical sciences research
Leadership: Phillip Horwitz, CEO
Year Founded: 1998

"When Gary Comer helped me set up PGRF after I retired from Argonne, it gave me the opportunity to do some of the best work of my career. The success of PGRF is a result, to a large degree, of GCI giving me the freedom to pursue a wide variety of research without the burden of proposal writing and seeking funding."-Philip Horwitz, President PGRF